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Around the Verse

Posted 7 hours ago
This week, on our monthly Squadron 42 special, we’ll get a development update and learn about how the Gameplay Story Animation team fleshes out the game’s world, where storytelling and interaction collide. Learn more details about Citiz...

CitizenCon 2948 Announcement

Posted 7 hours ago
On Wednesday, October 10th, we invite you to join us at the Long Center, in Austin, Texas, for a full day of presentations and interactions, exploring the current and future developments in Star Citizen and Squadron 42. Building off yo...

Q&A: Origin 100 Series Part II

Posted Wed at 21:37
Q&A: Origin 100 Series Part II Following the launch of the Origin 100 series, we collected your questions in an effort to provide more information on the brand-new starter ship from Origin Jumpworks. If you missed part I, you can ...


Posted Wed at 20:02
This episode has everything: turret states, animation loops, and a sneak peek at the Anvil Hurricane. Mark Abent continues his eternal descent down the River Doesn’t Work in this week’s all new episode of Bugsmashers.

The Cup: Part Three

Posted Wed at 1:30
Writer’s Note: Part three of The Cup was published originally in Jump Point 1.10. Before reading the final chapter, check out Part One and Part Two. Recovering from her disappointing start in the Cup series, Darring has worked her way b...