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Reverse the Verse LIVE

Posted Fri at 20:26
Foundry 42 UK Audio Director Lee Banyard and Lead Sound Designer Phillip Peers-Smallwood join the show to discuss all the things that bring audio to life in Star Citizen. To watch Reverse the Verse LIVE each and every week, tune into ht...

Around the Verse

Posted Thu at 20:45
This week, we look forward to Alpha 3.2 with a PU project update looking at the current Roadmap, and explore a feature that recently debuted in 3.1, the Character Customizer. As mentioned in the episode, check out officially licensed Sta...

One Good Deed: Part Two

Posted Wed at 1:56
Be sure to read part one of the story here . Umar was quickly realizing just how difficult it was to focus on doing repairs when you have a gun aimed at your head. Of course, it should have been obvious from the start that being held...

Letter from the Chairman

Posted Tue at 22:01
Letter from the Chairman Celebrate with exclusive badges on Spectrum TWO MILLION REASONS TO SAY THANKS Final shirt may differ from Concept Art Final shirt may differ from Concept Art Back in October of 2015, we reached an amazing...

This Week in Star Citizen

Posted Mon at 23:52
Hello Citizens, What a fun and exciting weekend it has been! On Friday, we announced the Origin 100 Series of starter ships. The 100 series has been designed specifically for solo pilots looking to turn heads without sacrificing functio...