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uo'aXy'an Language Lessons

Posted Fri at 20:46
Xenolinguist Britton Watkins goes over how your verb and pronoun choices can change how polite or impolite you come across to speaker of uo’aXy’an. Anyone interested in learning Xi’an is welcome to join us in Spectrum!

Around the Verse

Posted Thu at 20:06
Sandi Gardiner and Steve Bender host this week’s episode, taking a look at the physics and control systems being implemented for atmospheric flight. Plus, another installment of “Burndown” keeps you up to date on the development process....


Posted Wed at 19:46
Mark Abent tackles an issue involving conflicting UI on multicrewed vessels. Watch this episode to see how he smashes this particular bug.
DAY 627: THE JOURNEY ENDS DAY 627: THE JOURNEY ENDS 2947.12.12 SET by Sean Nazawa The final part in a series following a class of recruits moving through the Navy’s training system. A business executive has been abducted while in tra...