Ship Shape

Posted Fri at 19:32
An adept predator, the Hammerhead stalks its prey with ruthless efficiency and unyielding determination.

Reverse the Verse LIVE

Posted Fri at 19:03
Designers Adam Parker, John Crewe and ship artist Calvin Williams discuss their work on the Aegis Hammerhead, coming to Star Citizen Alpha 3.3! To watch Reverse the Verse LIVE each and every week, tune into

Around the Verse

Posted Thu at 20:14
Maps to the stars, building out the Stanton system, a ship pipeline checkup, and news about Object Container Streaming and CitizenCon in this week’s update.

The Hunt Is On

Posted Wed at 17:14
Piracy Is On The Rise Across the UEE, piracy is on the rise. Interstellar larceny and shipjacking have become increasingly regular occurrences, and not just in fringe systems. More and more civilians are feeling the tightening grip of t...

On The Run, pt. 2

Posted Wed at 3:26
Part One of the story can be read here. Alex leaned over the railing to look down at the sprawling plaza below. Streams of Banu flowed in and around the stalls and shops that crowded the marketplace. The near deafening noise was a con...