Seems like these days the whole world's on fire!
Things keep blowing the hell up!
And while all those rubber neckers and lucky louies stand and slackjaw's staring!
The real men have the nuts to walk away!
"Cool guys don't look at explosions!" [QQOP] The Oppression was created in 2011 under the name Oppression by three founders. They and others came from the best of the best guilds in many games from Eve-online (Cool Guys Don't Look At Explosions) to Age of Conan and all top end first person shooters like Arma, Battlefield and Planetside (Original). Two of the original founders decided to leave on personal reasons and Oppression was renamed The Oppression which kept on going. We may be small compared to other larger names, this is our choosing, but we have the background of the greats in our memories and strive for a better gaming experience than just being a number in a roster. We build the Organization around having small numbers to form a TEAM that works instead of having general rabble! We call this Team Creation Over Mass Membership or TCOMM for short! [QQOP] The Oppression is a Organization specializing in Mercenary line of work in video games.
We have a chillax-get serious attitude! What is this?
Well we want people to understand that this is a game, we want it to be fun with little to no stress.
We also want our Members to know when to put down the lulz and pick up the big boy/girl pants!
We are always on the look out for new hardcore members, who are 18 years of age or above. They must have a thirst for Mercenary work, where they will take on contracts assigned to them and have to deal with being part of the grey line everyday! We are looking for members who understand in [QQOP] The Oppression it is about your name and history not what number and rank you are! We do it, everything and more!

We Are Looking For Members: [WHO]

  • Are Aged 18 Years & Older,
  • Are From The Europe Timezone of UTC to UTC+2,
  • Are Hardcore Timed,
  • Are NOT Baddies At Video Games,
  • Are NOT Drama Queens,
  • Are Team Players,
  • Believe In Quality Over Quantity,
  • Can Keep To The Rules,
  • Can Listen & Learn,
  • Can Stay Still & NOT Organization Hop,
  • Can Talk Problems Out,
  • Don't Cry Emo Tears At Internet Bad Words, BOO HOO,
  • Don't Forum Spam & We Mean SPAM,
  • Don't Time Waste,
  • Enjoy PVE & PVP,
  • Have A Sense Of Humor,
  • Understand Real Life Comes First,
  • Want To Explore All Aspects Of A Game,
  • Want To Be Better Than The Normal Pleb!
18+ Years Of Age Limit?
In short we try to avoid "drama" you can never 100% escape it but having to deal with children in real life and then in video games does not appeal to many core members, in doing so this just keeps the peace. We know a lot of under 18 gamer's can be amazing and very adult and it is normally the older members who cause drama but its just for safety we keep it at this age! Sorry. There are however two methods we allow under 18 year of age members into [QQOP] The Oppression.
  • The Parent is a Full Member of the Organization
  • The possible new Member is close to 18 years of age!
A Honorable Organization?
a Organization Protocol Yes! We as a Organization are always thinking about our History, where we come from, where we end! We honour our Contracts given to us, we do not cheat people, we are always looking out to be a respectable group, who people enjoy hiring.
This means we only accept ONE contract a time, when you hire [QQOP] you hire the whole Organization!
Act Like Real Mercenaries In Video Games?
a Organization Protocol Yes! We as a Organization are the real deal when it comes to playing the role of Mercenaries in video games, we don't do anything unless we get paid to do it no mater the job, no mater the contractor, we work the Grey line each day, we don't claim to be something we are not.

Most Organizations don't know what a real Mercenary is, don't hire them, don't waste your time with PLEBS!
Active On The RSI Website?
a Organization Protocol We stay active because we all work together for the Organization! From all membership logging into the website every day multiple times we can stay in the Top10, it falls under that when we sleep because we are only a EU membership Organization after all.

We also don't cheat like other Organizations who constantly edit their images by replacing the current one with a different name or even changing their wording, you can spot these Organizations a mile away because for weeks they are under 1000+ in the activity listing and then boom under top20 like by magic without recruiting anyone (Which is a booster on the site)! Google is a great tool to spot these Organizations with how false they are because you can see Last Published Date: in the code.

The only time we edit our branding (Graphics) is when our Leader updates our old versions with new branding or we have to add something to our history block, however we don't do this daily so again all ranking is done by the TEAM EFFORT in [QQOP]!

Is yours like this?
Affiliations Membership?
a Organization Protocol No! This falls under our no multiple Organizations rule. We don't want membership that at any given time can just swap Organization's they belong to. If a affiliation or even a full member can do that you really don't have loyal membership at all. We know the games we play are hard but when times are hard we expect a member who will stand by you at all times. Being in another Organization proves there is zero loyality and we would rather not have membership who can just jump ship so to speak one day and return the next like nothing happened, we rather them just leave and join others then hold us back!

When you play games that require numbers for each task, having incorrect numbers doesn't suit our line of work!
Alliance Partners?
No We are currently not accepting alliance invitations! The reason for this is quite simply to us, we are looking to make our own way at the start with no help from anyone outside of our Organization apart from contracting Organizations to use us.

Once we have a good grasp of the game, good stats and good income we MAY look to alliance up with other groups if the timing is right. If we do not see a need to be in a alliance then we will not join one as more contracts will suit us better then blue balling up with everyone!
Communication Tools?
We use Discord and Teamspeak3 as our communication systems! The reason is as much as typing is fun it can't beat talking to someone.

Leave texting on your mobile phone's and come interact through voice. Makes all the difference!
Forum In Place?
As a small TEAM we have no need for forums anymore these days, Discord provides us with everything we need and our website does the rest for Events and so forth!
Hardcore System?
Our Hardcore system is based of time and effort! We aren't looking for the best of the best players (Although very handy) but more people who can do the time. Our rules are very hardcore for the average player because we are constantly working as a TEAM and not a group of people who think they are a team!
Meaning Behind [QQOP] The Oppression Organization?
The "Oppression" can be antonym as 1. Kindness, justice!

The "Solidarity fist" is used for expressing unity & strength! Historically used against oppressive nature!

They are never meant to be used together because most people symbolize "Oppression" as the bad kind, the self need to oppress people and do harm. [QQOP] The Oppression is taken from the antonym and the raised fist (Makes no sense to people who first see it haha!).

The [QQOP] is as follows.... QQ a online symbol for someone "Crying" and OP is a online symbol for someone being too powerful. So combining them together makes a online symbols for someone "Crying over how powerful" we are.

Our logo can change from time to time but we always have this fist in it to remember the old days & members!
Meaning Behind Certain Wording?
"Absque argento omnia vana" In Latin this means "Without money all is in vain", as Mercenaries money is what keeps our drive going, so without it, there is no point to our goals! "Cool guys don't look at explosions!" We say this because as Mercenaries the last thing we want to be doing is looking over our shoulders to see how things went.

Do the job right first time, every time!
"Credits are our only friend!" We say this because as Mercenaries really the only thing we work towards is more money, friends come and go but money remains! We do it, everything and more! We say this because as Mercenaries we do anything for money, BUT only if it suits us and worth our time! We look at certain jobs like Exploration and Mining NOT to be taken so often. E.G. Why would you hire a Mercenary group to mine some rocks for you? It would be more logical to hire us to protect the miners you have hired, then for us to be the miners!

BUT we do take on any job as long as it works for us!
Membership Limit?
We don't have one. As we don't let any joe-blog join so we can control our numbers when we see fit. This also helps keep the membership amount at a active level!
Organization Mergers?
Yes, but.... We only do mergers where a Organization or Group join us, mold to our ways, our ruling and accept that they won't have a "Rank" of a Leader, they however can work just like any member towards a "Title" that allows them to lead in certain areas!
Organization Hierarchy?
We have Owner, Leader, Moderator, Full Membership & Trial Membership we then have Titles for each member to show certain roles!

That is it!

As it stands there can only be one Leader at a time.
Moderators are designed to help All Membership and aid in other areas, they can NOT tell you what to do with your game, they are not a Officer Type role!

We don't use normal bullshit structure you find in many groups because we don't feel the need to set wrong people as the highest rank to do a job they are shit at! This is the common problem with groups these days, they always place the wrong people in the wrong job. Better to have Membership who work together and follow one person's choice by using the views of the TEAM!

E.G. Of a Bad Structure:
Organization Leader makes all their personal friends Officers. These Officers are shit at doing the job, inactive, have zero clue at leading humans, the Organization crumbles because of this no Leadership system in place..... Great system, no really!

With us we take one good Leader (Proven over history to get it done), give people roles without giving them power to abuse others and boom, system works, people work together and we keep winning by pushing forward!

This is our Organization Structure, it work's and people enjoy it and it avoids drama over power hungry idiots!
Protocol: Hibernation?
a Organization Protocol Hibernation Protocol for us is when we close doors to OPEN recruitment and only accept SELECTED applications that peek our interest! This is normally done around a period of time with the Organization where we have nothing to play seriously and recruiting membership for them to be bored doesn't suit us!

This also can be used when we are clearing out the membership that we foresee not working out down the line and want to "skim the fat off" so to speak because they can't keep at our rules during the wait period!
Protocol: Organization?
Our Organization Protocol means it is LAW and is followed by all Membership under the [QQOP] Tag!
Team Structure?
Our Team setup is simple, think the movie The Expendables, a Team of Mercenaries that do EVERYTHING together, that is us!
Time Zones?
Our Team operates in the UTC+1 to UTC+3 during the Spring/Summer and UTC to UTC+2 in the Autum/Winter! Our Prime Time is in the evenings at 19:00 (Depending on Season) each day! We do not recruit anyone out of these timezones!
Trial Membership?
a Organization Protocol The Trial Membership system allows us to see if a possible new member is going to work well with the current team, it has no time limit, when you are moved up to our Full Membership Rank it is because we see you able to bonding with the team and our structure!
Vocal Conversation On Recruitment Applications?
We are not looking for humans who are casual (Don't understand what HARDCORE means) players, have no experience with online games and have zero interest in working as a team and only think of self! We don't want these people so we have to do a vocal conversation to make sure they understand our rules and regulations! If they agree to it all during a recorded conversation and fail at our set tasks we can just kick them out without any hassle and can simply say you accepted, agreed to our rules and that is it, good bye!

It might sound harsh but we do advertise we are not looking for the average PLEB!
Why A Website?
We have a main website because it shows history of the Organization, without a website (Records) you are just a name. A name without history, you can't be goggled and a name that can't be goggled is nothing in these days. No one will remember you when you are gone! We could be like many Organization or Groups who choose to disappear of the net and just use a communication system but unlike the sheep we will not follow or bow down to having to maintain our history records. To us our history is very important no mater the cost, it show's who joined, who left and who did something that was pure epic to us! However we keep all information and Intel off the website! In our eyes without history you are truly NOTHING!
Note: We only list the important games we play together!
Albion Online Archeage Arma 3
Battlerite Black Desert Online Blade & Soul
Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 Conan Exiles
Depth Diablo 3 Dota 2 Dying Light
Elder Scrolls Online Elite: Dangerous Eve-Onine Evolve
Farming Simulator 2013 Firefall For Honor Fractured Space
Grand Theft Auto V Grim Dawn Guild Wars 2
Incredible Adventures Of Van Helsing Interstellar Marines
Killing Floor Killing Floor 2
Left 4 Dead 2
Mass Effect: Andromeda
Path Of Exiles PAYDAY PAYDAY 2 Planetside 2
Sea Of Thieves Skyforge Space Engineers Star Citizen
Team Fortress 2 TERA Tom Clancy's: Ghost Recon Future Soldier Tom Clancy's: Ghost Recon Wildlands Tom Clancy's: Rainbow Six: Siege Tom Clancy's: Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 Tom Clancy's: The Division Titanfall Titanfall 2
Victor Vran
Warframe Warhammer 40k Space Marines
Zombie Army Trilogy

[QQOP] Owner

  • [QQOP] The Oppression Organization Owner (Leadership Dept).

[QQOP] Boss

  • Leader Of The Organization (Leadership Dept).
  • Communications, Membership & Website Administrator.
  • Titles Allowed: Recruiter, Commander, Squad Leader & Team Leader.

[QQOP] Moderator

  • Moderator Of The Organization (Administrator Dept).
  • Communications, Membership & Website Moderator.
  • Titles Allowed: Recruiter, Commander, Squad Leader & Team Leader.

[QQOP] Mercenary

  • Full Membership Of The Organization.
  • Titles Allowed: Recruiter, Commander, Squad Leader & Team Leader.

[QQOP-R] Recruit

  • Trial Membership In The Organization.
  • Titles Allowed: Squad Leader & Team Leader.

Star Citizen: Rules & Regulations

Multiple Organizations
[QQOP] The Oppression members must set us as their Main Organization, full visible. They can NOT be in other Organizations as long as they are under our tag, unless following the rules below....
  • If you are working for another Organization under our contract system!
  • If you present a strong case to the "Leader" with why you would like to join another organization or be part of one whilst under our tag!
  • The instant you make the mistake in changing that, you will be removed from the Organization without hesitation, without warning, goodbye!

    This is nothing personal, just we expect loyalty and if you are a threat to the Organization we have to expel you. Just good business sense!
    Non-lethal or Lethal Take downs
    In this Organization we don't openly Murder, we will be looking to make non-lethal take downs as much as we can.

    Exceptions are...

    Option 1: If we feel there is no way to do this without it being a non-lethal way then we will switch to lethal and take a kill hit!

    Option 2: If we are Contracted to kill, then we will do so!

    Dead or alive you're coming with us!
    As in all games we play where taxes are involved we will be using a 20% Standard Time & 50% War Time! tax for all Organization Membership. Uses of this money will be made clear upon the games development and not what we make could make up, normally to aid membership in getting a foothold on things!
    More rules will be placed when more mechanic's of the game are known! (We Won't bullshit you here with false ruling!)

    Age Restrictions

    In [QQOP] The Oppression we run a strict 18 years old plus restriction!

    There are however two methods we allow under 18 year of age members into the Organization.
    • The Parent is a Member of the Organization
    • The possible new Member is close to 18 years of age!

    Hardcore Area

  • If we are in our Primary game and you're in as well, your with us, no questions unless on downtime/off duty!
  • The Organization’s Communication Systems & Website are all NDA rules!
  • You monitor our comms!
  • You monitor our rules!
  • You monitor our website!
  • You must keep up to date with M.A.R.S!
  • You must try to attend at least one event per week if the events are running!
  • You must use the event sign up system!
  • You stay active or you leave!
  • You use our absent leave area when going away for a break!
  • M.A.R.S

    The "Membership Activity Requirement System" or M.A.R.S for short was created to serve as a guideline. Membership must follow these guidelines to progress in not only keeping your membership place but also progressing up the merit system. This system can also change at any given point so keeping up to date with it is vital to all membership.

    This will be fully explained on Recruitment!

    Membership Guidelines

    • Aid your fellow community member, if they need help with something try to help!
    • Don’t bring personal real life issues and stress to the other members!
    • Don’t expect people to be able to help you every second of every day, help will come in the end, keep calm, we’re not your babysitter!
    • Don’t openly express on voice comms, community does not need to hear it!
    • Make sure you report anything to do with the community to the Boss, E.G. Problem with x member!
    • You treat all members as equals, any drama, bullying & etc you will be removed!


    People's opinions matter to us all. Be it be about Politics, Race, Religions & Sex they are important to people, we accept all opinions here but when debates get too heated up and become offensive to membership we instantly remove the person causing the issue without question! Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and everyone must be aware they are only that.... OPINIONS!

    People Leaving and Being Removed

    People in games come and go, don't get all crazy if people decide to leave or we mass remove, it happens, don't make a song and dance about it! It happens in all mmo/games these days. Nothing lasts forever!

    PVE & PVP


    • Player versus environment
    • A player killing npcs.


    • Player versus player
    • A player killing another player
    In our eyes this is the same thing, they are both versus something!

    Don't treat people differently because of this, we don't tolerate this behavior!

    Removal Rules

    Failure to follow the Organization guidelines & rules, will result in removal!

    Extras Are:

    • Abusive!
    • Caught using cheats!
    • Causing Bad press!
    • Loud (Voice comms)!
    • Mouthing off!
    • Not playing the Primary game!
    • Non respectful!
    We don't like these methods, but you leave the Boss no choice, follow the rules or get out!

    Returning to [QQOP] The Oppression

    Anyone who leaves the Organization on good terms will always be welcome back!

    If you are returning to the Organization please contact the Boss to have a sit down on our communication system!